Hollywood Love Stories No One Could Believe Happened In Real Life

15 Hollywood Romances And Their Unexpected Fates


It’s funny how many of us don’t even think of romance, as our minds are pre-occupied with things like careers, schooling and our futures. Until of course, it just grabs you. Even when we’re married or in a committed relationship we take certain things for granted. The lives of Hollywood actors and actresses can sometimes become a window into our own lives as well. Though we may not all have the same troubles, fears or problems that these people have, each and every one of us can find just a little bit of ourselves in each story in this article.

These stories are unexpected, in that they are not necessarily everyday occurrences. Other stories are familiar but presented in a manner that explores the triumphs or failures of the lover or spouse. Either way, if you really can’t find something here that grabs you or tugs at you, then you really haven’t lived life at all.


15. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio


If there ever was a story of two people who always wanted to be with each other, but never could, this is it. One had a debilitating case of anger that was only elevated by his iconic status in New York City, and the other a level of depression that no one could see behind a smile that captivated millions. They met while on a double date in 1952. Joe, at the age of 35, had ended his career, while Marilyn was at the beginning of hers. The baseball superstar always had such a crush on the actress that he remained stoically silent throughout the dinner, perhaps a case of shyness from his otherwise grand ego. Marilyn Monroe was intrigued and curious because she had never been ignored before. The couple spent their first night together and got married in January 1954.

Joe was possessive, wanting to transform Marylin into more of a housewife, something she was definitely not. He had ground rules, such as having to approve all of her movies, insisting that she stop playing the half-dressed dumb blonde. His wife agreed because, in him, she found the only man she could trust. This bond was not strong enough though, as their marriage ended nine months later as Marilyn could take no more mental and physical abuse. The starlet dated and married several other powerful and usually married men, but always wanted to be with Joe. The couple always saw each other on the side during her relationships. The lovestruck Joe, on the other hand, found it difficult to date others as everyone reminded him of her. The star athlete took anger management courses hoping that the two would get back together permanently, and Marilyn was hoping for the same thing.


In February 1961, Marilyn was institutionalized as a paranoid schizophrenic, a disease probably inherited from her mother. No other man she ever married, dated or was dating at the time, came to her side when this happened. Only Joe cared as he forcibly took her out of the institution into Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, where she introduced him as “my hero.” She continued her downward spiral until she died one year later at the age of 36. Days before she died, Monroe told a friend, “If it weren’t for Joe, I’d probably have killed myself years ago.” DiMaggio believed her death to be a suicide, others did not. As her only family member, Joe buried her, took care of the funeral arrangements and delivered roses to her grave every week for 36 years until his death in 1999, as per the actresses’ wishes. He never remarried, and on his deathbed, his last words were: “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn again.”

14. Buddy Holly and María Elena Holly

Buddy Holly was a musical icon in the late 1950s. His wife María Elena Santiago, was a 22-year-old receptionist for music executive Murray Deutch when the two finally met. According to Maria: “I didn’t even know who he was, even though I was sending the records to the radio station to play Buddy Holly. But I had never seen him. It was a mutual admiration society right away. I just fell, like boom,” she said with a laugh, adding that “he fell the same way.” Company policy wouldn’t allow them to date, but Buddy Holly changed that by asking her out that same evening. It was Maria’s first ever date. During their first date, Buddy asked her to marry him. Maria’s initial thought was: ”I had gotten the idea from my aunt that most musicians were not all there, crazy, and I thought, ‘Uh-oh my aunt was right. This guy’s not well, he just met me and here we go; now he’s asking me to marry me.’” In the end, she did marry him soon after their first date.

Maria always accompanied the singer on tour, acting as somewhat of a tour manager while taking care of all of the little details. Buddy insisted Maria not go on The Winter Dance Tour in 1959 because she was pregnant. The tour ended up being one delay after another as the tour bus kept breaking down. One day Buddy got fed up and decided to rent a plane instead. On February 3rd, 1959, forever known as “The Day the Music Died”, his plane crashed, killing all of the passengers.

His wife blamed herself for everyone’s death as she noted that if she had been there, no one would have rented a plane. She was a widow in denial never making it to his funeral, and never once visiting his grave to this day, stating that: “I refused to believe he was buried. I remembered him just as he was when he left our apartment in Greenwich Village”. To add insult to injury, Maria had a miscarriage and lost their only child. They had been married all of 6 months.

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