Lauren Stewart

Oakland University grad with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. Lauren is an outstanding writer with many strenghts including SEO, content ideation, staff training and a nack for operational ingenuity. Check Out Her Work!

Jane E. Kenney

Jane is an expert-level editorial specialist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Writing, with over 3 years of editorial work under her belt. Currently moving her way up as an Editor at DYR. Check Out Her Work!

Ana Luisa Suarez

4 years of experience in digital publications, as a writer/editor. A strong focus on entertainment, and a great deal of experience covering breaking celebrity news. Check Out Her Work!

Ileana Paules-Bronet

I’m Ileana, a young professional living and working in New York City. I’ve lived in upstate New York, Oregon, Italy, and South Africa, which has altered the way I see the world. I am a writer, artist, and creator — from feminism to mental health, and sex to food, nothing is off limits. Previously a full-time staff writer at LittleThings, where my content often got over 1 million unique page views. Check Out Her Work!

Kelly Gitter

Kelly is an experienced Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry and for many years assisted in creating editorial content for DoYouRemember? as an avid nostalgic. Check Out Her Work!