Whatever Happened To The Cast Of The Sitcom ‘Alf?’

Find out where the cast of Alf is now

Do you remember watching Alf? The show ran from 1986-1990 and featured an alien named Alf from planet Melmac. He lived with the Tanner family. The puppet and family gathered lots of laughs over the years.

Ever wonder what happened to the actors after Alf ended? Reportedly, the cast didn’t have a big goodbye party and aren’t close since the show ended. Let’s find out what they have been up to since the show went off the air.


Lynn / Andrea Elson

lynn tanner alf andrea elson
Lynn and Andrea Elson / NBC and Facebook

Andrea played the teen daughter Lynn. She ended up dating and marrying a production assistant named Scott Hopper who worked on Alf. She had a guest appearance on Mad About You, but these days she focuses on being a wife, mother, and teaches yoga.

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Alf / Paul Fusco

paul fusco alf signed photo
Paul Fusco and Alf / Facebook

Paul brought Alf to life. He admitted that the puppet wasn’t easy to move around, but we think he did a great job! He still does ads and other projects as Alf and made an appearance on Young Sheldon.

Willie / Max Wright

willie tanner alf max wright
Willie and Max Wright / NBC and Facebook

Reportedly, the show ended because Max was ready for it to be over. It has been said that he walked away without even saying goodbye to the cast. However, later in life, he admitted that the show was a joy. He went on to focus on theater and others shows like Dudley and Norm. He sadly died in 2019 from lymphoma.

Kate / Anne Schedeen

Anne Schedeen kate tanner alf
Kate and Anne Schedeen / NBC and Facebook

After the show, she became a comedy coach and an interior designer. She actually did some interior design for celebrities like George Clooney! Anne is also an ambassador for Holiday Heroes, a charity that focuses on bringing joy to hospitalized children.

Brian / Benji Gregory

brian tanner benji gregory alf
Brian and Benji Gregory / NBC and Facebook

Benji didn’t want to continue acting after Alf. He studied film and joined the Navy. In conclusion, reminisce by watching this clip from Alf:


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