Dad Chatting With Infant Son About TV Finale Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet This Week

father and infant son have a conversation about tv show finale

The only thing we love more than babies are babies having gibberish-filled conversations with their parent(s). One video went viral this week showing a father having a full-blown conversation about the TV finale with his infant son, who was speaking gibberish.

Comedian DJ Pryor starts talking to his son Kingston Jierre about the finale of the show Empire. Certain parts of the conversation really make you believe they’re understanding each other!


Even gibberish can’t cause a language barrier for these two

Father and son having a conversation
Father and son having a conversation / Facebook

The conversation starts out on video, “They need to work on that, right?” Pryor says. To which Kingston says “Yes.” Pryor asks, “Did you understand it, though?” “No,” Kingston says.

Kingston asks another question in gibberish to which his father replies, “Oh no, no, not this one. This is the grand finale of this one,” he says. The opening dialogue is enough to make any person smile and laugh because of the wholesome cuteness.


Father and son having a conversation
Father and son having a conversation / Facebook

In the middle of the video, we continue to hear more adorable gibberish baby talk from Kingston. His dad says, “That’s what I was wondering, I don’t know what they’re going to do next season!” Kingston lifts up his arms and talks some gibberish, to which Pryor says, “Right? Don’t bring that in! You know what I’m saying, don’t do the same stuff. You know what I’m saying?”

Later on in the video, Kingston mumbles a bunch of baby talk, to which his father responds, “That’s exactly what I was thinking! … We think a lot alike.”

Comedian DJ Pryor and his son Kingston
Comedian DJ Pryor and his son Kingston / Instagram

Learn more about how baby Kingston is at home… more gibberish included!

Pryor’s wife posted the video on Facebook. Since then it has garnered over 1 million shares, almost 800,000 reactions, and almost 300,000 comments. People just cannot get enough of this adorable father-son conversation! Both of Pryor’s sons make frequent appearances on his Instagram. He’s even commented on how much he and Kingston are so alike.

“He is very animated,” Pryor told TODAY Parents, “He takes after me.”

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😍😍😍😍 On The Carpet with my boys………..PRICELESS! I got to take my boys to see their dads movie 🎥🍿 Whoever said you can’t still accomplish your goals/dreams while still being a very active parent lied!! These two inspire me everyday to be the GREATEST MAN I can be while constantly perfecting who I’am for them. I recently shot another film in Atlanta called “In Daddy’s Shoes” (which comes out FATHERS DAY directed by Shantell Charisma) and these little guys went to set with me. (They fell asleep while I was filming but still🤣) They won’t just hear about daddy’s hustle when their older they’ll remember it from when they were little. They will witness my work ethic first hand. Train them up in the way they should go! RIGHT!? Well this is part of it! Fellas we gotta inspire our kids more than any super hero or any other man……..Especially Our Boys! I’m Daddy First and Entertainer Next!

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Pryor reveals that when he’s home, Kingston will follow him around and do everything his father does.


“He is walking around and imitating the stand up and he goes ‘he he he’ at the end… It is so funny to him. He keeps doing that until other people laugh,” Pryor explains in reference to his own stand-up comedy shows. We can already see Kingston doing that in his adorable gibberish baby talk. People cannot get enough of these two. Even people on Twitter have been giving an outpouring of love to these two!

Don’t forget to check out the full video… be prepared to play it multiple times a day. It’s just too adorable!

Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad🤣🤣#TheseTwoAreAMess #OurHouseisAlwaysFullofLaughter #MrPersonality #HeNeedsHisOwnShow #KingstonJierre #KJP

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