Elvis Presley’s Grandson Is The Spitting Image Of Him

Lisa Marie Presley is reminded of her dad Elvis everytime she looks at her only son

Elvis Presley‘s legacy lives on and fans see him every time they look at his only daughter Lisa Marie Presley, or her four children. The King of Rock and Roll’s genes were strong and they have been passed on through his family, especially his only grandson.

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Benjamin Keough the spitting image of grandpa Elvis Presley.


Elvis fans are well aware that Lisa Marie is also the female spitting image of her father, but have you had a look at her son #benjamin keough who is her father’s look-a-like? He is identical to a young Elvis through and through. At 24-years-old Benjamin Keough has the same sultry look and that his famous grandfather had at the same age.

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But, it is rare to see a whole lot of photos of Benjamin in the press because much like his mom Lisa Marie he prefers to lay low out of the spotlight. But, there is no arguing the uncanny resemblance to the King.

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