Denise Richards’ Husband To Adopt Special Needs Daughter Eloise


During the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Denise Richards opened up about her youngest daughter’ Eloise Joni’s health issues. The youngest of 3 is now eight years old and is named after Richards mother, Joni. Denise adopted Eloise Joni Richards and reveled recently the cause of Eloise’s many developmental issues. Her adopted daughter was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder, chromosome 8 deletion. She also revealed that her new husband Aaron plans to adopt Eloise as well. However, they are hitting a few roadblocks in the process.

Eloise’s chromosome disorder causes delays in her development and because of the disorder, she can currently only say a few words. No word on if she may be able to speak more in the future. She was unable to sit up by herself for a while and didn’t walk until she was two years old. She continues to go through physical therapy to help her continue to improve.


Learn more about Eloise’s diagnosis and their adoption plans

Denise said that Eloise was only diagnosed with the chromosome disorder two years ago and it was a difficult process to figure out exactly what was wrong. When they finally got the diagnosis, Denise revealed how emotional it has been. She shared that her daughter’s diagnosis is not common at all, so they are learning every day. That really must be very scary!

Richards Opens Up At Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

As Denise talked about her daughter’s struggles during the Housewives reunion, many of her castmates were visibly in tears. It is clear that all of Denise’s friends love Eloise. They seem saddened to hear that she received such a scary diagnosis. But, luckily Denise seems to have the great support of her husband and friends. That is always helpful when going through struggles.

Even so, Denise said that Eloise is a happy kid and is doing well. The even better news? Denise’s new husband, Aaron Phypers plans to adopt Eloise. Unfortunately, the process has been delayed because her birth certificate burned up during the California wildfires last year.

The family lived in Malibu and lost a lot of important documents in the fire. Denise said it is very difficult to go through with the adoption process without a birth certificate. We hope they get everything figured out soon!

Denise adopted Eloise in 2011 when she was a single mom. She was previously married to Charlie Sheen and has two daughters with him. Denise has opened up in the past on how she co-parents with Charlie since they have very different parenting styles.

Denise has opened up in the past about Eloise’s chromosome disorder.

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