Eleven Celebrities That Don’t Even Live In Hollywood And Their Gorgeous Homes


7. Diane Keaton

diane keaton's house
Diane Keaton’s house / Trulia

Diane Keaton, the house-flipping professional, has actually just moved into this brand new home in Tucson, Arizona!

8. John Travolta

john travolta's house
John Travolta’s house / Aviation CV

John Travolta’s funky-looking yet gorgeous home is located in the northern Florida town of Ocala and doubles as an airport, as you can see in the photo above! Crazy cool!


9. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis house
Bruce Willis’ house / Zillow

Bruce Willis is reportedly trying to sell this home at the moment, but he has lived in this Hailey, Idaho house for a long time!

10. Harrison Ford

harrison ford's house
Harrison Ford’s home / Deborah Lyell

Harrison Ford lives quietly in this home located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is apparently a popular celebrity spot for vacations.


11. Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson's house
Jennifer Hudson’s house / Zillow

Jennifer Hudson was born and raised in Chicago and she still calls it her home to this day.

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Check out the video below of 10 insane celebrity homes that you didn’t know could even get that massive:

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