This Is What The Cast Of ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Is Up To Now


Little House On The Prairie is a timeless classic TV series that brought viewers back to adventures from the 1870s with the Ingalls family. The TV program was based on the book series ran for 204 episodes and 4 TV specials. It originally aired from 1974 to 1983 and reruns of the show are still available to see on TV today!

Many of the talented actors and actresses from the cast of Little House On The Prairie are alive and well today with the majority active as ever in the film and TV industry. We’re sure you’d love to see where these characters are now, namely the Ingalls family. Here is what the cast of Little House on the Prairie looks like now!


Melissa Gilbert – Laura Ingalls

melissa gilbert little house on the prairie now
little house on the prairie cast now actress, Melissa Gilbert Instagram

Melissa Gilbert played the role of Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. Born May 8th, 1964 she is currently 55 years old. Melissa has starred in a few shorts, films, and TV shows over the last few years. Her career peaked in the ’80s and ’90s as she featured in several popular TV shows like The Diary of Anne Frank, The Miracle Worker and Choices of the Heart.  She currently has one film in post-production set to release in 2019.

Michael Landon – Charles Ingalls

michael landon

Michael Landon had a career on the small screen that ran into three decades. Becoming a household name by starring in Crossroads, Telephone Time and I Was a Teenage Werewolf, his career kick-started with a bang. Playing the little Joe in Bonanza truly established him as a big TV star. After starring in such huge hits, Landon felt like writing episodes and directing them. This opportunity was presented to him by Ed Friendly, the producer of Little House on the Prairie.  Michael Landon joined the Prairie Cast as Charles Ingalls. His journey as a star continued even after Little House on the Prairie ended. Landon starred in the hit show Highway to Heaven afterward. Unfortunately, Michael Landon died in 1991 from pancreatic cancer but deserved a place on this list per being part of the Ingalls family.


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