9 Bizarre Things You May Not Know About Elvis Presley’s Graceland Property


6. His body was moved because people tried to steal it

elvis grave
Wikimedia Commons

Elvis’ body was originally in a grave in the Forest Hill Cemetery. However, people tried to steal it so Elvis and his mother Gladys were moved to Graceland’s Meditation Garden in 1977. You can visit the garden for free.

7. Elvis isn’t the one who named it Graceland

graceland back
Wikimedia Commons

Graceland was built in 1939 by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore. They decided to name the property Graceland after Mrs. Moore’s Aunt Grace. Aunt Grace was the original owner of the land so they wanted to pay her tribute. Elvis’ parent saw the home for sale in 1957 and put a down payment of $1,000. Elvis purchased the home and property for $102,500 (it would be about $880,380 in today’s currency).


8. Bruce Springsteen is said to have trespassed on Elvis’ property

bruce springsteen
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Many people tried to trespass onto the Graceland property to try to meet Elvis. Bruce Springsteen was one of them when he was a young man! Turns out Elvis wasn’t even home when Bruce decided to “stop by”.

9. Elvis had a buzzer on his dining room table

dining room

Elvis was rich enough to have staff so he had a doorbell buzzer installed underneath his dining room table. He could buzz for the staff whenever he needed something else from the kitchen.


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