15 Weird Punishments People Actually Got When They Were Kids


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9. Stay There:

JR from Reddit has a story about when his parents would leave his older brother in charge of the household of three brothers and one sister. The youngest brother, Eric, tended to be hyperactive, so if he wouldn’t calm down when they were trying to watch a movie, the four of them would engage in a project of gathering all the duct tape in the house and using it to duct tape Eric to the wall.


10. Hot Seat:

One mother who hates kids acting up while she’s driving, would pull over and make the guilty party sit on the highway guardrail, which would get extremely hot during the summer, as cars passed by and stared.



11. The Gentleman:

Another commenter remembers one trip to the mall with his mom, where he barged in front of her on the way into Sears. His mother made him stand in front of the entrance to Sears for five hours opening doors for people to teach him politeness. He never barged into a doorway in front of a lady again after that.


12. Yummy Wall:

One father remembers his own father punishing him for drawing on the wall with crayon—by making him lick it off.



13. Baby Face:

One blogger remembers in school when two tough guys got into a fight, their principal gave them a gift in the form of a punishment. It was the gift of dance! The boys were made to perform a choreographed dance to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in front of the whole school.

14. Ash Tray Mouth:

One Redditor got caught pretending to smoke by his mother. She responded by giving him a real cigarette and making him eat it.

15. Walk Of Shame:

Another grown-up remembers his brother, when he misbehaved, being made to walk around the house carrying a cardboard box full of magazines. Every time he complained, they’d throw another magazine in the box.

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