12 Smells That Will Instantly Remind You Of Your Childhood In The 1960s


There are just some smells that transport you back to a different time or place. Some of these items may still be around, while others seem to have disappeared. If you grew up in the late 1950s, 1960s and beyond, you will probably remember all of the smells on this list. Let’s see which smells were your favorites and which ones you might be glad are gone.

Get ready to feel nostalgic and be transported back to your childhood:


1. Ditto or Mimeograph Paper

Do you remember the Ditto machine? They went away quickly when Xerox machines came out, but before that, they were often used in schools. The paper had a sweet smell to it that students loved. Do you remember sniffing your pop quiz in school? Sounds kind of strange these days.

2. Play-Doh

play doh ad

Play-Doh is obviously still around and kids still love this colored putty. You can just picture how it smells, can’t you? Demeter Fragrance Library developed Play-Doh cologne, which was a weird way to feel nostalgic. Who actually wants to smell like Play-Doh?


3. Cap Guns

cap gun

Cap guns were a cap pistol that made noise, smoke and that smell like a match. Do you remember playing with these?

4. Barbie

vintage barbies

Barbie has that plastic smell. The smell of Barbies has been compared to another toy of sorts. Can you guess what? Crayola crayons.


5. Bazooka Joe Comics

bazooka joe comics

Bazooka Joe Comics were on the wrappers of the bubble gum and became collectibles. They always smelled like pink bubble gum even after you chewed it.

6. New Car Smell

Wikimedia Commons

Of course, new cars still have a signature smell, but it is totally different than back in the day. Do you remember what new cars used to smell like?

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