Movie Starring Scott Baio Has Been Issued A ‘Do Not Work’ Order

Scott Baio new film was issued a Do Not Work order
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Scott Baio and Kristy Swanson are set to star in a new movie called Courting Mom & Dad. IMDb says the movie is about “three children seek the help of an eccentric personal injury attorney in order to stop their parents’ imminent divorce.” As of now, the film has been issued a “Do Not Work” order from the actors union SAG-AFTRA.

Scott and Kristy are not to blame, but they believe they are being targeted for their conservative political views. Reportedly, the producers “failed to comply with LA County Health Orders and SAG-AFTRA protocols in connection with COVID-19. There were also problems related to child actors and California regulations related to minor performers.”


Scott Baio and Kristy Swanson are angry with Deadline article about Do Not Work order

courting mom and dad movie scott baio
‘Courting Mom & Dad’ / REVENGEMOVIES LLC IMDb

Filming was set to resume on June 12th, but the Do Not Work notice was given the very next day. This news comes right as many movies and shows are starting up production again during the coronavirus pandemic. They are not allowed to film the movie and may receive disciplinary action if they disobey the orders.

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At first, Kristy accused Deadline of reporting a “fake news” story. She wrote, “If any of this is true, then it is protocol that SAG would personally contact me to discuss the matter. I have scrolled through this past weeks calls, missed calls & voice mail messages, SAG has NOT contacted me to investigate. So, please explain your misleading fake headline.” However, the Do Not Work order is listed on SAG-AFTRA’s official website. It seems they may contact producers, not the actors involved.

Scott also tweeted several statements to Deadline including, “I’m still waiting 4 ur reply. It’s been 26hrs. Why didn’t u contact me or @KristySwansonXO 4 a statement since u happily used our names 4 a “clickbait” headline? Biased much? Did u know Kristy & I had already wrapped this film when this happened? @sagaftra”

In the tweet, Scott says that they already wrapped the film. Many Do Not Work orders are lifted quickly after producers come to a new agreement. If the movie has already been wrapped, then there shouldn’t be too many issues.

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