Stay Golden Through Quarantine With ‘Golden Girls’ Face Masks

Stay safe and have fun expressing yourself with these masks
Stay safe and have fun expressing yourself with these masks / Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic reshaped how people do everything. Mostly, everyone has to stay home to avoid catching and spreading the virus. But when running errands, they have to wear a face mask or covering of some kind. It seemed almost instantly that people got very creative and expressive with masks. Now, the internet brings you Golden Girls face masks to stay safe and golden through the pandemic.

When looking for personal protective equipment (PPE), it is important to make sure it fulfills safety requirements. The CDC recommends masks that have a snug fit, multiple layers, and allow for comfortable breathing. Additionally, it advises people wear masks that can be laundered and secured with ties or loops. Masks on the host site, Redbubble, appear to offer a snug, secure fit, but are not recommended for a medical setting. But while enduring this pandemic, it’s very exciting to see such fun creativity go into PPE!


These ‘Golden Girls’ face masks give reason to smile

These Golden Girls face masks will help you "stay golden" through quarantine
These Golden Girls face masks will help you “stay golden” through quarantine / Redbubble

It might go unseen, but anyone seeing these Golden Girls face masks would smile. The masks, hosted on Redbubble, are part of a wider movement. In it, independent artists show off their creativity. And there is a lot of creativity to go around. Since the pandemic, sites like Redbubble and Etsy saw a swell in mask productions. Navigating to the site and searching Golden Girls under the Masks tab yields amazing results.

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Some masks offer images taken right from the show. Others offer artistic renderings of each woman. And, of course, there are many references that fans will love. If life has got you down, the flowery mask bearing the words “No, I will not have a nice day” could be appealing. Or, to show love for the Golden Girls more simply, the patterned mask shows minimalist versions of their faces and, of course, Sophia’s iconic wicker purse.

Feel good and help others do the same

References are blatant or subtle, but always clever
References are blatant or subtle, but always clever / Redbubble

Life can throw a lot of uncertainty into the mix. But trends like these break up that unpleasantness and turn a stressful thing into something fun. Masks such as these can only go so far; they’re not recommended as PPE for a medical setting doctors or nurses might find themselves in. But they offer a cute way to stay safe and be expressive. People can’t connect in the usual way, but they can connect through personal swatches of fabric that reveal just a bit about who they are. They can literally tell someone, “Thank you for being a friend.”

Additionally, Redbubble will donate to Heart to Heart International each time a mask is purchased. This organization, according to its website, “strengthens communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide.” All this occurs in collaboration with partners and volunteers alike. For those interested in a Golden Girls face mask, prices range from about $9.99 to $13.33, depending. Which would you want?

Oh, we can picture it
Oh, we can picture it / Redbubble

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