Willie Nelson And His Sons Performed Together During The Virtual Luck Reunion


Recently, the eighth annual Luck Reunion concert was held virtually. Normally, the event is held at Willie Nelson‘s Texas ranch. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the artists decided to still hold the event, but via video chats.

One of the best performances of the night was Willie with his sons Lukas and Micah. They sat comfortably in Willie’s home and performed some songs together. They started with “Whiskey River.”


Singer Willie Nelson and his sons sounded wonderful together

willie nelson and sons lukas and micah
Willie and sons / Facebook

Willie sounded great throughout the night and fans were pleased after he had taken time off for his health. Lukas admitted that Willie would have never taken the time off if they had not forced him to.
During the performances, Willie said, “Stay safe and stay sober,” while laughing. Willie is known for smoking pot, but he said recently that he quit smoking for his health. However, he is still known to dabble in eating marijuana edibles.

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willie nelson luck reunion
Willie Nelson at Luck Reunion / Facebook

Willie’s sons also sang some original songs throughout the evening. Micah shared his song “Everything is Bullshit,” while Lukas sang “Set Me Down on a Cloud” and “Just Outside of Austin.”
They shared a moving rendition of “Turn Off The News (and Build a Garden).” The lyrics are relevant today. They say, “I just want to love you while I can/All these other thoughts have me confused/I don’t need to try and understand/Maybe I’ll get up, turn off the news.”

luck reunion virtual
Virtual Luck Reunion / Facebook

Lukas also talked about how he hoped the Luck Reunion gave people hope in a dark time. He said, “Watching the broadcast go so well last night really gave me hope that the musical world will be able to be a major healing force and remind us not to lose our humanity during this time. As soon as this is over and it’s safe, I’m going to run out and hug friends, kiss them, and be more grateful for the physical act of love than I ever have. I hope to see many pictures like the famous kiss at the end of World War II.”

Watch the performance below:

Here’s a longer clip of the family discussing performing together..

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