Tom Hanks Is NOT In Coronavirus Quarantine With Wilson, The Volleyball From ‘Cast Away’

Tom Hanks Is NOT In Coronavirus Quarantine With Wilson, The Volleyball From 'Cast Away'
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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson recently announced that they tested positive for coronavirus while in Australia. Since then, they have been taken to a Gold Coast Hospital and have been quarantined as such. They are being observed and treated and are in stable condition. Of course, with being quarantined also comes isolation and loneliness. With the coronavirus, it’s important to not come in contact with anyone else so you don’t spread it.

Betoota Advocate reported that to keep Hanks entertained and with company, the hospital staff have actually rolled a Wilson volleyball into his room. The same volleyball named Wilson from the film Cast Away. Look familiar? By the looks of Hanks’ face, he looks to be not only amused, but definitely entertained!


Tom Hanks is NOT in coronavirus quarantine with Wilson the volleyball

Tom Hanks with Wilson volleyball / Betoota Advocate

However, this is a completely fake story. BuzzFeed has reported that Betoota Advocate is notorious for its cheeky and irreverent takes. Sadly, he is not in coronavirus quarantine with Wilson the inanimate volleyball from Cast Away. While the photo made rounds on social media, reporters were able to dig up an old photo to prove this was photoshopped.

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The real image was actually taken from a video of Hanks at a 2015 hockey game. He was handed the ball while at the game, appearing on the Jumbotron.

While this story might be completely made up, we can all pretend that it’s true for now. It’ll ease the feeling of knowing America’s dad is in coronavirus quarantine. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirms that the couple is “getting the best treatment in our hospitals just as we provide to everybody else.”

Wishing Tom Hanks and his wife well during this tough time. Check out the video below to watch the ‘creation’ of Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away!

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