A Californian Veterinarian Is Treating Homeless People’s Pets For Free


A California veterinarian named Dr. Kwane Stewart has been named “The Street Vet.” He drives around California looking for homeless people who own pets. He then treats and checks up on the animals for free.

In 2007, Kwane noticed that many animals were taken to shelters when the Great Recession hit. People could no longer afford to take care of their pets. Before the recession, Kwane was a veterinarian treating clients who could afford all of the best treatments.


Dr. Kwane helps homeless pets around California

dr kwane stewart the street vet
‘The Street Vet’ / Facebook

In 2011, he went to a soup kitchen and offered to check on any animals that stopped by with their owners. Then he decided to start walking the streets, looking for animals to help. He often helps pets with allergies, fleas, bad teeth, ear and skin infections, and even more serious illnesses like arthritis. He pays for medications and treatments himself. Sometimes he even buys their food. Kwane also started a GoFundMe page to help treat the pets that need more expensive surgeries.

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the street vet treating a pet
Dr. Kwane Stewart / Facebook

These days, Kwane works for Netflix as a movie set animal expert. He helps keep the animals working on Netflix series and films safe and healthy. He has a television series called Dr. Kwane: The Street Vet and has since treated over 400 animals.

dr kwane stewart and a dog
Dr. Kwane and a dog / Facebook

Through helping homeless people’s pets, Kwane said he has learned to be less judgemental of what others are going through. He shared that many make assumptions that the homeless can’t take care of pets.

Kwane said, “These homeless people take care of their pets even better than we do. When they own a pet, it engenders this generosity. They always make sure their pet is fed. Medically is where they need help.” He continued that many need pets as emotional support. “They serve as constant protectors, companions, and many times their only source of true love,” he added.

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