Bill Murray Appears In Jeep’s Nostalgic ‘Groundhog Day’ Super Bowl Ad

Bill Murray appeared in a Jeep Super Bowl ad with a nod to Groundhog Day

Bill Murray has appeared in his first commercial, and what he says will be his last. Jeep’s Super Bowl ad featured Bill as Phil Connors from the movie Groundhog Day. The ad was a nod to the fact that the Super Bowl and Groundhog Day were on the same day this year.

In the ad, Sonny and Cher‘s song “I Got You Babe” plays as the alarm clock says 6 am. Bill, as Phil, realizes he is in the world of the film Groundhog Day. He keeps saying, “Oh no,” as he encounters the same things. However, he sees one thing that is different: the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator.


Bill Murray lives ‘Groundhog Day’ again in Jeep Super Bowl ad

bill murray groundhog jeep commercial
Bill Murray and groundhog / Facebook

He then kidnaps the groundhog, jumps in the Jeep and continues to live each day with his new animal friend. This time, he is excited to start each day over in his Jeep. Bill’s character Phil and his groundhog go to a local arcade, off-road in the snow, and engage in other fun activities.

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groundhog jeep commercial
Groundhog / Facebook

At the end of the commercial, he says, “Not a bad day,” while Jeep’s tagline reads, “No day is the same in a Jeep Gladiator.”

Groundhog Day was originally released on February 12, 1993. It has been a popular film ever since. There is even a Broadway musical based on the movie! Reportedly, Bill was very hard to get in touch with to see if he would even consider appearing in the commercial.

bill murray jeep commercial groundhog day
Bill Murray in Jeep commercial / Facebook

Reports said, “He doesn’t have a phone, doesn’t have an agent, doesn’t have an email. He allegedly has an 800 number. You leave a message and maybe he’ll call you back.” Execs at Jeep had some mutual friends and were able to get in touch with Bill.

Finally, he agreed, but he admitted, “This is my first commercial. I’m glad I did it with you (Jeep). And I’m glad that this is my last commercial, as well.” Watch the funny Super Bowl ad below:

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