‘A Very Brady Renovation’ Holiday Special Airs Tonight On HGTV

A Very Brady Renovation Holiday Edition airs tonight on HGTV

  • ‘A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition’ airs tonight, December 16, 2019.  
  • The special will air on HGTV at 10 pm EST. 
  • It will re-air on Food Network on December 22nd.


After the incredible success of A Very Brady Renovation, HGTV is bringing all of the stars back together for a holiday special. A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition airs tonight, December 16th at 10 pm EST. It will re-air on Food Network on December 22nd, 1 pm EST.

In the special, Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen will work with Food Network’s Ree Drummond and HGTV’s Jasmine Roth to create 1970s-inspired holiday treats and decorations.


‘A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition’ airs tonight!

a very brady renovation holiday edition brady bunch stairs
‘A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition’ / Facebook

Susan Olsen spoke out about how much she loves to reunite with her TV siblings. She also loved the throwback decor and food in the special. Susan said, “There were retro items to decorate the house. I’m kind of a snob because I think the older things are cuter and better, especially with holiday decorations. So all of these ornaments were to my taste.”

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hgtv jasmine roth hidden potential stockings
Jasmine Roth / Facebook

In particular, she loved the Santa Claus dolls and fan-made ornaments that represent some iconic Brady Bunch moments. The holiday special comes after HGTV calls A Very Brady Renovation their most successful series of all time. In addition, they added two “Behind the Build” episodes and an updated version of the series with more behind-the-scenes stories.

jasmine roth and ree drummond
Jasmine Roth and Ree Drummond / Facebook

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond was also excited about the special. She calls herself “the biggest Brady Bunch fan on the planet,” so meeting the cast was a dream come true for Ree. Ree will help the cast prepare a turkey, Santa canapes, and a red-and-green gelatin mold, all of which are very reminiscent of the ’70s.

the brady bunch siblings outside snow
‘Brady Bunch’ siblings / Facebook

HGTV also brought the cast a truck that delivers “snow.” The truck has a machine that shreds ice and sprays it outside. It appears to be snow! The Brady siblings had fun in the “snow” and looked like kids again.

the brady bunch siblings snowballs
Throwing snowballs / Facebook

In conclusion, Susan said, “It’s always a blast to be with my (TV) siblings, particularly when it’s all of us. … I think that all of us as ourselves are even more likable than our characters. I’m very grateful that HGTV showed who we are and how we relate together because it’s a very different relationship. On this entire planet, there are only five other people that will understand my childhood.”

Will you be watching A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition tonight at 10 pm EST?

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