Police Officers Clear A Foot Of Snow From 99-Year-Old Woman’s Driveway And Sidewalk

Police Officers Clear A Foot Of Snow From 99-Year-Old Woman's Driveway And Sidewalk

Three New York police officers helped clear some snow from a 99-year-old woman’s driveway and sidewalk. The officers come from the Albany Police Department and were seen in action in a photo by Sgt. Norah Harrington. The woman actually called the Albany Police Department for help with the snow because she lives alone and needed to assistance.

The police department posts the photos of the men in action on their Facebook page, telling the story. “Without hesitation, Police Officers William Pierce, Christopher Stiles, and John Schueler all drove to the woman’s home to assist her and worked together to clear more than a foot of snow from her sidewalk and driveway,” the Facebook post reads.


Police officers clear snow for a 99-year-old woman who lives alone

When Duty CallsThis morning, the #Albany Police Center Station received a phone call from a 99-year-old resident who…

Posted by Albany Police Department on Monday, December 2, 2019

The post soon goes viral online, earning 14k reactions, 1.5k comments, and over 5,000 shares. People were quick to jump into the comments section, praising these police officers for their acts of kindness. “💖💖💖 Everyone should be out helping their elderly, senior neighbors,” someone writes. Another person says, “Great job guys. You really believe in community. That’s why you picked such a special job. Stay safe.”

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Steve Smith, PIO for the Albany Police Department, also has a Twitter account where he’s thanked media outlets for recognizing the officers’ work. “Thank you, @people for recognizing the work and compassion of #Albany’s finest. We ❤️ our community and are always ready to help those in need,” Steve says in response to PEOPLE magazine’s post.

They love giving back to their community, especially during the holidays

This kind of act is not rare for the Albany Police Department. Just last month, they helped deliver 500 meals to people who needed them during Thanksgiving. They have been doing things like this for the past few years and have teamed up with other organizations to help make it an annual tradition.


Steve Smith goes on to say, “Over the last few years, we’ve been trying to build relationships with our community. This is just another example of us trying to do that. We’re going to be out there today, just giving a hand to people who may otherwise not have a great Thanksgiving.”

He continues, “We get to really engage with people, get inside their homes, share a few laughs, and provide them with a Thanksgiving meal.” Sounds like they just love giving back to their community! God bless them.

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