Prince Harry Following In Princess Diana’s Footsteps By Visiting Angola Landmine Field

Prince Harry Following In Princess Diana's Footsteps By Visiting Angola Landmine Field

Just 22 years after Princess Diana did a walkthrough of a landmine, Prince Harry is now continuing her legacy. He is clearing out dangerous landmines around the world. He’s been on a royal tour of Africa. On his fifth day there, he visited a HALO Trust mine outside Dirico in Angola. Prince Harry met with community members to teach them about how de-mining efforts are benefitting the local population.

He also remotely detonated a mine while there. Prince Harry also gives a speech on the importance of clearing these dangerous landmines to help conservation and humanitarian efforts.


Harry visits a landmine just as we see Princess Diana do in 1997

prince harry visits landmine
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Prince Harry says in his speech, “This historic commitment is a key step forward for the movement to rid the world of mines and lay the foundation for a safe and just future for the next generation.” He continues, “Landmines are an unhealed scar of war. By clearing the landmines, we can help this community find peace, and with peace comes opportunity.”

“Later today I will visit Huambo, to see the place where my mother walked through a minefield in 1997. Once heavily mined, the second city of Angola is now safe,” Prince Harry adds.


An important quote by the late Princess Diana

prince harry walks through landmines like princess diana did
Princess Diana / Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Prince Harry’s visit is a reminder of the work that the late Princess Diana embarked on. She walks through a landmine filed with similar warning signs in Huambo, wearing protective clothing and a visor. She also met with landmine survivors and community members to raise awareness on the issue of landmines, similar to what Prince Harry is now doing as well.

This event is now on the official Instagram for Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It includes a quote from Diana from when she visited the landmine site in 1997. The quote says, “If an international ban on mines can be secured it means, looking far ahead, that the world may be a safer place for this generation’s grandchildren.”

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In Angola today The Duke of Sussex has sought to continue his mother’s legacy and highlight the ongoing threat of landmines, 22 years after The Princess of Wales did the same. The Duke joined @thehalotrust on an ex-artillery base near Dirico and as they worked to clear the area for the local community. The Duke also took time today to welcome the Luengue-Luiana National Park as the newest member of the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy – Her Majesty’s (@theroyalfamily) campaign to protect forests and plant millions of trees across the globe. These forests in Angola will help protect an ancient elephant migration route, and hopefully encourage the animals back to the region. Angola, once home to over 200,000 elephants before the country's civil war, now has the potential to provide elephants with the largest home range remaining in Africa. Safe passages, or ‘elephant corridors’ will have to be created so they can return naturally, without danger to the communities or the lands themselves. The Duke has been involved in @queenscanopy projects in the UK, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, Botswana, and Tonga, and firmly believes that protecting and planting trees is vital to look after the earth’s eco-system. #RoyalVisitAngola Video © SussexRoyal

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The palace releases a statement on Prince Harry’s visit to the landmine. “The Duke is humbled to be visiting a place and a community that was so special to his mother, and to recognize her tireless mission as an advocate for all those she felt needed her voice the most, even if the issue was not universally popular.”

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