“They sleep, they do their homework, they pick their crap up off the floor. … They just know they’ve got to give you a break,” she adds.

kelly ripa and joaquin
Kelly Ripa and Joaquin / Instagram

Ripa also talks to Jerry in the same segment about something her daughter, Lola, did behind her parents’ backs. The 18-year-old allegedly worked with a tailor to alter her gorgeous emerald green gown for prom, adding a V-neck and high leg slit. Ripa says that her daughter took it to an unexpected level without the parents’ knowledge!

“That’s prom,” Ripa says to host Jerry O’Connell on the premiere episode of the Jerry O’ Show. “That’s the prom dress that we had made and she had altered behind our back.”

Kelly Ripa and Lola Consuelos
Kelly Ripa and Lola Consuelos / Audrey Slater/Instagram

Regardless of anything, we’re sure that Ripa loves all of her kids and their quirks!

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