Eight Common Shower Habits That Pose Risks People Don’t Even Think About


5. Leaving your soap in the same, grimey spot

bar of soap in a shower
Bar of soap in a shower / Yelp

If you use a bar of soap in your shower, chances are you have that little holder in the shower. Well, it’s also a high possibility that it could harbor a lot of nasty bacteria on it! Opt for a drainable soap dish or just body wash secured in a bottle.

6. Not washing your bathtub often enough

taking a bath
Taking a bath / Giphy

Relaxing in the bathtub can be so relaxing if you have a whole agenda set up for your “you” time. However, just be sure to clean your tub often if you’re an avid bath-taker. Otherwise, it’ll get pretty gross over time.


7. Leaving your razor in the shower

leaving a razor in the shower
Razor in the shower / The Savvy Housewife

I bet a lot of women do this (including myself). Leaving your razor in the shower increases the risk of gathering nasty bacteria. Additionally, always be sure to replace any dull blades!

8. Not rinsing thoroughly enough

Rinsing off in the shower
Rinsing off in the shower / iStock

It’s important to utilize soap (not too much, of course) and make sure you’re getting nice and clean! But, it’s also important to remember to rinse thoroughly and not leave any harsh chemicals leftover. This can cause heavy skin irritation if not properly rinsed out!


Do you do any of these common shower habits?

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