Eight Common Shower Habits That Pose Risks People Don’t Even Think About

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  • Taking a shower is part of everyone’s daily routine. 
  • We all utilize a few common shower habits that could actually be harmful and pose a risk to us.
  • Here are the most common ones and what you can do as a safer alternative! 


Showers are a large part of our daily routines, but everyone’s shower agenda is different. Unfortunately, modern-day hygiene has become so complex and complicated. A simple 5-10 minute shower could leave your body even more unclean than it was before if you aren’t careful!

Chances are you incorporate a lot of these common shower habits into your everyday routines. By making some much-needed adjustments to your shower routine, you should be feeling (and smelling) much better!


1. Washing your hair every day

washing hair in the shower
Washing hair in the shower / Prose

Do you wash your hair every single day? Experts say you shouldn’t, even if you have oily/greasy hair! Experts recommend only washing your hair a few times a week. Doing this every day can strip the natural oils from your scalp. (Thankfully, things like dry shampoo exist!)

2. Using too much soap or body wash

Using soap in the shower
Using soap in the shower / Allure

Of course, it’s important to use soap in the shower to ensure your body is squeaky clean! But, you can use too much of it. Too much soap can get rid of helpful oils on your skin, which exposes them to dryness and irritation. Don’t overuse it!


3. Wrapping a towel around your head to dry your hair

Wrapping towel around your head
Wrapping towel around your head / WikiHow

Ladies, we all do this! Especially those of us with long hair. Apparently, doing this can put quite a bit of stress on our hair, which weakens the strands over time.

4. Taking a very long shower

taking a long hot shower
Taking a long, hot shower / Parade

For those who love taking long showers, this is one of the worst things you could possibly do to your skin! Long showers dry up your skin like crazy. You’re probably better off with a quick 5-minute shower.

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