The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Forcing Airlines To Consider Halting U.S. Flights

The coronavirus outbreak is seemingly putting everyone's lives at a temporary halt. With schools, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and more…

4 years ago

It’s True, Airlines Do Make Flights Longer On Purpose

Do you remember taking a flight years ago that seems much longer today? You're right. In the 1960s, it took…

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People That Board Airlines With ‘Fake’ Service Dogs Are Now Going To Face Fines

Service dogs and other types of service animals are a wonderful thing to have for those who struggle with real-life…

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Is It Even Safe To Drink Coffee Or Tea From An Airplane?

Next time a flight attendant offers you a hot coffee or tea on your flight, it is probably best to…

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10 Airlines That Actually Existed In The 1980s

Back in theĀ go-go 1980s, the airline business was like catnip to any self-respecting (or self-aggrandizing) entrepreneur. Newly deregulated, the airlines…

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Airplane Food Is Coming Back To Flight

Welcome Back To The Friendly Skies

7 years ago