Watch Stepdad Receive A Special Father’s Day Gift Of Notes His Stepdaughter Always Kept

stepdad receives special father's day gift

A video of a stepdad receiving a special gift from his stepdaughter, Sophia Kallie, is going viral and warming all of our hearts. She posted a video of her stepdad opening his Father’s Day gift and he’s in tears as much as we are!

Sophia added a caption to the video, saying, “During middle school, my stepdad used to leave me a note on my door each day to inspire me. well, I kept those notes & It’s been 6 years since then. today I gave him those notes back.”


Twitter reacts to the heartwarming video

Sophia's stepdad receiving special Father's Day gift
Sophia’s stepdad / Twitter

What an absolutely adorable and incredibly thoughtful gift! “Happy Father’s Day!” Sophia says in the video as her stepdad is crying happy tears. He could not believe that Sophia saved all these notes for years and compiled them all into a photo frame.

Many people on Twitter chimed in with their thoughts. One person says, “I don’t know if I’m crying harder at the fact that he wrote you all of those notes or at the fact that you kept them all.” Another person says, “What you did was super dope. Stepfathers don’t get the credit they deserve. While it seems like something small. Those notes mean the world and to know you saved them mean even more.”


Stepdad receiving Father's Day gift
Stepdad receiving Father’s Day gift / Twitter

Since the original posting, the video has garnered nearly 200,000 retweets and almost 605,000 likes. Be sure to watch the entire video! And grab a box of tissues, you will definitely need them.

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