Hidden At The Bottom Of Every Box Of Kleenex Is A Strange Layer Of Yellow Tissues


We all have struggled with a cold or bout of allergies at some point in our lives. And with nose issues comes tissues. During cold and flu season or allergy season, you have probably purchased a much-needed box of Kleenex to get you through those rough, stuffy or itchy-nose bouts. Still, even the most dedicated Kleenex fan has most likely never ever observed the one sly secret surprise inside the single container.

When you have a box of tissues for a very long time, does it often look like, with use, they’re beginning to go yellow? If you’ve ever observed or noticed this color changing, there’s a great chance you chalked it up to the tissues aging inside. Well, that makes good sense as paper does tend to change color when it ages, so why not tissues?


You may be amazed to know that the color modification has absolutely nothing to do with the paper getting older, and everything to do with a smart and subtle style technique concealed inside every box of Kleenex.

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Ordinary Kleenex tissues are a plain shade of white. Most people never notice the subtle, unobtrusive color.


After all, it doesn’t matter much when you just need that tissue to sneeze or blow your nose!

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As the box ages, however, people start to notice a strange change.

People have posted on various forums online, explaining that they noticed that their tissues appeared to become more yellow.

Some people assumed that the white tissue was yellowing with age like an old book might.

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It’s true that paper yellows with age. It oxidizes slowly, and light and exposure eventually change a once-white page into a little bit more brownish.

However, a pack of tissues that’s been sitting on your bedside table for a few months is not old enough to start yellowing with age.


There’s actually a much more surprising explanation.

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The Kleenex company deliberately changes the colors of the tissues.

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