‘Star Wars’ Action Figures From The 1970s Have Been Re-Released

Learn more about the new Star Wars retro collection
'Star Wars' Retro Collection / Facebook

The classic 1970s Star Wars figurines you know and love are back! While collectors might be annoyed at this re-release, fans of the movies will likely be excited. If you tried to get an original Star Wars action figure on eBay, it would cost a small fortune. However, now you can get one for around $9.99.

For instance, Hasbro has re-released six classic toys and they are being exclusively sold at Target. They are likely to expand to other stores in the fall. Hasbro is calling these figurines their “Retro Collection.”


Here are the ‘Star Wars’ characters action figures that were re-issued

hasbro target star wars retro collection action figures
‘Star Wars’ Retro Collection / Facebook

The six classic action figures are Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and a generic Stormtrooper. They were originally released after the first movie in 1977. The company Kenner first produced these action figures, but Hasbro acquired them and the Star Wars licensing in 1991.

hans solo action figure
Hans Solo / Facebook

The packaging even looks similar to the original action figures! They did add a sticker so that they look different, so collectors would not be confused. We wonder if this will change any of the original action figures value!


Take a look at photos of all of the Star Wars characters and watch a video to see them even closer. Will you purchase any of these?

Check out more photos of the re-issued action figures

luke skywalker action figure
Luke Skywalker / Facebook

Look how small the lightsabers are! For some reason, that is what the lightsabers looked like back in the day. Perhaps they were hard to create in the ’70s.


princess leia action figure
Princess Leia / Facebook

Not sure why Princess Leia is wearing a cape, but she still looks fabulous!

chewbacca action figure
Chewbacca / Facebook

Chewbacca is one of the best characters in my opinion! Who is your favorite? Sadly, the original voice actor for Chewbacca recently passed away.

darth vader action figure
Darth Vader / Facebook

Capes seem to be a theme with the original figurines. For instance, Darth Vader is seen wearing a cape as well. I wonder why?

stormtrooper action figure
Stormtrooper / Facebook

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a stormtrooper. They are a classic character in all of the Star Wars films. Who is your favorite character in the series?


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