Ten Photos Of Items You Probably Haven’t Seen In Years, That’ll Make You Extremely Nostalgic


6. Duracell batteries

Duracell battery / Reddit

Okay, Duracell batteries are still around, but the batteries where you could press the sides and you would see how strong they were are not. Wasn’t that handy?

7. Printed paper with sides

computer paper
Computer paper / Imgur

Do you remember when you had to rip off the sides of printed paper after you printed what you wanted? It was so annoying! This is one thing I definitely don’t miss.


8. Webbed lawn chairs

lawn chairs
Webbed lawn chairs / Flickr

You might still have some of these lying around, but they aren’t nearly as popular anymore. I haven’t seen these in years! Do you still prefer sitting in these?

9. Soda caps with prizes

soda caps
Soda cap prizes / Reddit

Remember when you could win prizes by buying soda and checking under the cap? Let’s bring that back!


10. These permanent markers

Permanent marker / Wikimedia Commons

They had such a distinctive smell! They were most likely toxic, but we all smelled them anyway.

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How many of these items do you remember? Do you still have some in your home?

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