The 2019 Hurricane Season Has Officially Begun

2019 hurricane season begins

Approximately 60 million Americans live in the Atlantic hurricane zone. Meteorologists already named a subtropical storm in the Atlantic named Andrea. This storm, thankfully, did not have any impact on U.S. land. While the storm did form earlier than usual, this isn’t an uncommon thing to happen.

However, at the time of writing this, Hurricane Season is officially here and many are wondering what the 2019 season will have in store. We saw Hurricane Michael make landfall as a historic Category 5 on the Florida Panhandle last year in addition to Hurricane Florence as a Category 5 on the Carolinas. Will this year be just as bad as last year?


Potential storm development
Potential storm development / The Weather Channel

Storms are already developing

With tornado outbreak season in full swing, the last thing anyone wants is a hurricane. Unfortunately, some storms in the Gulf Coast area are already up there with a 50% chance of development. The affected areas could expect heavy rainfall and a little win in addition to earning the title of tropical storm Barry, shown in the photo above. That’s only if the system develops further than a depression.

The system pictured above is expected to move upward towards and through Texas. While it is expected to make an impact on U.S. land, there is nothing catastrophic to worry about.


Storms moving towards Texas
Storms moving towards Texas / The Weather Channel

While this storm does not have a proper name yet, weather experts are calling the tropical disturbance Invest91L. It’s hard to believe that we’re only at the start of Hurricane Season and we are already seeing storms forming.

Gerry Bell, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center lead hurricane forecaster,  has already been transparent about what to expect from this year’s Hurricane Season and that it’s going to be similar to last year’s. “We’re expecting a near-normal season but regardless, that’s a lot of activity, and we need to get ready now,” he said.

Hurricane Michael making landfall in 2018
Hurricane Michael making landfall in 2018 / CIRA/RAMMB

Furthermore, at least 9 to 15 named storms are expected to form this year. This includes 4 to 8 hurricanes and 2 to 4 “major” hurricanes (storms between Category 3 and Category 5). With 2018 being a destructive year for hurricanes, if 2019 is anything like last year, we need to be on watch for any possible development.

It’s important to always check your local weather and be up to date on any storms in your area, especially if you live in a Hurricane-prone zone.

Aftermath of Hurricane Michael
The aftermath of Hurricane Michael / AP photo

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