Unusual Facts About Some Of The Most Famous People Of All Time


10. Nikola Tesla

nikola tesla
Nikola Tesla / Wikimedia Commons

Tesla thought that chastity enhanced his success, so he never had any relationships. Later in the life, he apparently said he fell in love with a pigeon in New York City. Weird…

11. Amelia Earhart

amelia earhart george putnam
Amelia Earhart and George Putnam / Wikimedia Commons

Earhart was always independent and wanted a prenup when she got engaged to George Putnam. Part of it read, “I shall not hold you to a medieval code of faithfulness to me, nor shall I consider myself bound to you similarly.”


12. King Henry VIII of England

King Henry VIII
King Henry VIII of England / Flickr

He hired four men who were called “Grooms of the Stool.” Basically, they wiped his butt after he went to the bathroom. That’s pretty gross!

13. Henry Ford

henry ford thomas edison
Henry Ford and Thomas Edison / Wikimedia Commons

Ford loved Thomas Edison and thought of him as a hero. They became friends and when Edison was dying, Ford’s son collected his final breath in a tube. The tube is on display at the Henry Ford Museum… have you seen it?


Which unusual fact is your favorite?

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