Unusual Facts About Some Of The Most Famous People Of All Time


6. Winston Churchill

churchill and roosevelt
Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt / Wikimedia Commons

While visiting the White House in 1941, former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt accidentally walked in on Churchill naked. Apparently, Churchill retorted, “The Prime Minister of Great Britain has nothing to hide from the President of the United States.”

7. Jeannette Rankin

Jeannette Rankin
Jeannette Rankin / Wikimedia Commons

If you’re not sure who she is, she was the first woman to ever serve in Congress. It was in 1916, four full years before women could vote in the United States. Impressive!


8. Elvis Presley

elvis presley
Elvis Presley / Pixabay

Many know that Elvis, unfortunately, passed away in the bathroom. He apparently had a massive colon when he passed and doctors now think his heart may have gone out due to constipation. It was probably due to his very unhealthy diet.

9. Abraham Lincoln

abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln / Wikipedia

Lincoln delivered a speech against slavery in 1856. Reportedly, everyone was so captivated by his words that no one took notes! We will never know what the speech actually said.


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