Things U.S. Presidents Did After They Left The White House


11. William Howard Taft

william howard taft
William Howard Taft / Wikipedia

Taft returned to Yale to teach classes. Later, Taft became the only person to become President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

12. Calvin Coolidge

calvin coolidge
Calvin Coolidge / Wikimedia Commons

Coolidge retired in Massachusetts and took up boating. He also wrote a weekly newspaper column that he called “Calvin Coolidge Says.”


13. Dwight D. Eisenhower

dwight d eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower / Wikimedia Commons

Eisenhower and his wife retired on a farm in Gettysburg and mainly stayed out of politics. However, he did endorse Richard Nixon when he ran for President.

14. Herbert Hoover

herbert hoover
Herbert Hoover / Wikimedia Commons

An avid fisherman, he wrote and published a book called “Fishing for Fun – And To Wash Your Soul.” Have you read it?


15. Gerald Ford

gerald ford
Gerald Ford / Wikipedia

He made a lot of money investing in oil companies and later began advocating for marriage equality.

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