Ten Of The Coolest ’80s Gadgets You May Have Forgotten About


6. Polaroid Sun AF 660

Polaroid Sun AF 660 / Wikipedia

Polaroid cameras have begun to become popular again, so we should not forget the original! This was one of the first Polaroid cameras which allowed us to get our photos instantly. This was a big deal in the days where you had to get photos developed and wait days or weeks to see the pictures you took. Do you remember the devastation when your photos didn’t turn out right?

7. Sharp pocket computer

sharp pocket computer
Sharp pocket computer / Wikimedia Commons

Small computers started popping up in the ’80s. They looked like calculators, but they could be used to program BASIC code or type up your work. Did you have one of these?


8. Apple Macintosh 128K

apple macintosh
Apple Macintosh 128K / Wikimedia Commons

Who knew Apple would become such a huge company with iPhones, Macs, and so much more? One of the first personal computers was the Apple Macintosh.

9. Casio Databank

casio databank
Casio Databank / Wikimedia Commons

Databank watches were the original smartwatches. They are actually still sold today! These watches have their own very tiny keyboard.


10. Simon game

simon game
Simon game / Wikimedia Commons

The game is simple, but it is still sold today. It is similar to the Simon Says game because you just have to repeat the order of the colors that flash. It is very simple, but it was actually a big deal in the ’80s!

How many of these gadgets did you own? Do you still have any of these in your home?

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