Ten Celebrities That You’ll Never Believe Started On A Soap Opera


6. Brad Pitt

brad pitt
Brad Pitt on ‘Another World’ / NBC

Super famous Brad Pitt was only in two episodes of Another World, but that is still pretty interesting!

7. Heather Locklear

heather locklear
Heather Locklear on ‘Dynasty’ / ABC

Heather was in the soap opera Dynasty for about eight seasons. Dynasty ended in 1989.


8. Marisa Tomei

marisa tomei
Marisa Tomei on ‘As The World Turns’ / CBS

Marisa’s upcoming project is playing the iconic Edith Bunker in the All in The Family reboot episode later this year. One of her first roles was as Marcy on As The World Turns.

9. David Hasselhoff

david hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff on ‘The Young and The Restless’ / CBS

David is most known for Baywatch, but he was first on The Young and The Restless!


10. James Earl Jones

james earl jones
James Earl Jones on ‘Guiding Light’ / CBS

James Earl Jones has that incredible voice. He used it on As The World Turns and Guiding Light. He played doctors on both shows.

Did any of the celebrities surprise you on this list? Did you realize all of these people were on soap operas in the past?

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