Six Things You Should Never Do While Sailing On A Cruise Ship


5. Behave worse than you would at home

Talking on the phone / Pixabay

Cruise ship employees say that people have actually dialed 911 on the cruise ship to report the Internet being down. Now, would you do this at home? Definitely not. Treat the staff with respect, just like you do the police officers at home.

6. Grab food right before the dining room closes

cruise buffet
Cruise ship buffet / Flickr

This makes sense. If you’ve ever worked in retail, do you know that feeling when someone comes in to shop right before you are about to close up? That is exactly like this. Just practice common courtesy.


What other behaviors would you add to this list? Have you witnessed any of these annoying behaviors from passengers on cruise ships?

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Watch the video below to learn the top things people get kicked off a cruise ship for:

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