You Can Rent A Giant Potato House In Idaho For $200 Per Night


If you love potatoes, can you imagine sleeping inside of one for the night? Well, now you can! A 6-ton structure shaped like a potato is now on Airbnb for $200 for an escape to Idaho. It is called The Big Idaho Potato Hotel. I can only imagine eating all of my favorite potato recipes inside an actual potato.

At first glance, you might think that this was an actual potato. However, it is actually made of steel, plaster, and concrete. Unfortunately for claustrophobic folks, there are no windows to give it that authentic potato look. Would that be a deal breaker for you?


What does the inside look like?

Inside bedroom area of giant potato hotel / Airbnb

The inside is actually very modern and stylish. If you were expecting potato-themed decor, you were wrong! There is room for about two people in this small hotel room with a queen bed, a kitchenette, a small bathroom, air conditioning, and even a fireplace.

Fireplace inside giant potato hotel / Airbnb

The bathroom is actually in a separate structure so there is more room and privacy in the hotel room itself! It appears to be close, so you don’t have to go far to go to the bathroom. Check out a video tour of the room below.


Separate bathroom structure / Airbnb

This giant potato hotel was created by the Idaho Potato Commission in order to promote potatoes, which Idaho is most known for. At first, it toured the United States on the back of a truck. Then a developer named Kristie Wolfe had the idea to turn it into a rentable home. She now rents it out on Airbnb.

giant potato on truck
Giant potato on truck / Airbnb

Right now, it is located on farmland in Boise, Idaho. So, if you’re looking for a unique and quiet stay, this might be the place for you. The giant potato is 28 feet long, 12 feet wide, 11.5 feet tall and weighs six tons.

potato hotel
The Idaho Giant Potato Hotel / Airbnb

What do you think about this Giant Idaho Potato Hotel? Could you see yourself staying there or would the claustrophobia factor scare you? If you’re interested in staying in the giant potato for a night, click here to view it on Airbnb.

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Check out a video tour of the giant potato hotel:

What do you think?

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