Twelve Things That Grandmother Has In Her House


These exact cups

Whose mom or grandma had these tupperware cups in their cupboards?

Every time I went over my grandparent’s house, these were the go-to cups. Who else had these? We should also definitely bring them back.

These exact dishes

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I have these same dishes. They belonged to my grandmother and we took them after she passed away. They still work like a charm for any meal!


These touch-lamps that were too much fun to play with as a kid

These touch lamps from grandma’s house. from nostalgia

Somehow my grandparents didn’t yell at me for constantly playing with their touch-lamp.

A television just like this

That floor tv at your grandparents’ house. from nostalgia

I vividly remember laying on my stomach watching the floor TV at my grandparent’s house when I was a kid. Memories.


A couch just like this

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I actually remember it being very comfortable!

A rocking chair of some sort

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My grandparents preferred comfy reclining chairs, but that was basically an updated version of the generic rocking chair. Who has one today?

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Check out the hilarious video below of what happens “When Grandma Watches the Kids”:

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