Twelve Painful Things That Teens Today Would Never, Ever Understand


Take a moment to think back to when you were a kid and a teenager. Now, think about your kids or grandkids as teens and compare the conveniences they have today that you didn’t have. There is so much new technology and it is crazy to think about all of the new things that have come up in the past few decades.

The Internet alone has changed us all for the better and for the worse. Almost everyone has smartphones with the world at their fingertips but it can be so easy to get addicted to it. Streaming services have almost replaced cable television and music on the Internet has replaced records, cassette tapes, and CDs. Let’s reminisce on some of the pains that teens today don’t know anything about:


1. Trying to get ahold of someone while you’re out and about

old rotary phone
Old phone / Flickr

Back in the day, you could only call people at home. These days, you can reach anyone, just about anywhere!

Cell phones have definitely increased safety while you are away from your home and decreased miscommunications.


2. Getting a ride

getting a ride
Getting a ride / Travis Air Force Base

These days, you can just download Uber or Lyft and get a ride whenever you need one.

It helps a lot if you are out drinking alcohol, so you will not drink and drive.

3. Calling and asking to speak to the right person

woman making a phone call
Making a phone call / Pexels

Do you remember trying to call your friends or your crush and have to talk to their parents first? It was always so awkward! These days you can get ahold of someone on their personal cell phones.

Teens these days don’t even call each other that much, they mostly text! Would you have liked texting in your teenage years or do you still prefer phone calls?

4. Running out of blank discs or tapes

floppy disc
Floppy discs /

Kids these days don’t know the struggle of running out of blank VHS tapes, blank floppy discs, or blank CDs when they want to record something.

Everything can be saved in the mystical cloud now.


5. Standing in line for concert tickets

standing in line
Standing in line / Pixabay

Before you could purchase concert tickets on the Internet, you had to go wait in line for hours to purchase tickets.

There was nothing worse than getting to the front of the line only to find out that it was all sold out!

6. Forgetting the camera

old camera
Old camera / Public Domain Pictures

Before we all had smartphones with cameras, you had to bring a camera with you if you wanted to take photos when you were at an event. It was the worst when you forgot yours!

Read onto the NEXT page to relive the memories of what you had to do to actually get your photos…teens would never understand this today!

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