Twelve Things That Grandmother Has In Her House


I remember when I was a little girl, there were specific things that I always saw in my grandmother’s house that I see all over the Internet today. It’s so nostalgia-inducing! Things like a specific kind of clock to the old-school ceramic Christmas tree from the ’60s and ’70s were just some of the things that I would find.

If you’re a grandmother now, you might even be able to relate to this! You just find a special place in your heart for these nostalgic items that truly never go out of style in our houses. Do you own any of these?


These cotton tomato-looking cushions for sewing

Whose relative had one of these novelty cotton tomatoes for sewing? from nostalgia

Not going to lie, I’m fairly certain even my mother has one of these. I just learned that these were actually for sharpening the needle. What do ya know?

These adorable fruit magnets

Every Grandparent had these fruit magnets on the fridge. from nostalgia

These were so popular back in the day. I had them at school, home, grandma’s house, you name it.


A cabinet full of dainty glassware that is never used or even touched

Sometimes it’s just nice to show off the expensive China dishes that you never use!

This cookie tin (that didn’t actually contain any cookies)

Again, we have this at home. A huge cookie tin that definitely does not have any cookies in it. Nothing more disappointing as a kid!

A nifty casserole dish that she uses every big holiday

Grandma’s casserole dish. from nostalgia

Everyone’s grandma has a specific casserole dish that she uses on every big holiday, like Thanksgiving! They definitely come in handy for parties.

The iconic ceramic Christmas tree from the ’60s and ’70s

This Christmas Tree decoration. from nostalgia

These are still incredibly popular to this day and are being made and produced in modernized versions as well. My family and I still have my grandma’s ceramic Christmas tree from the ’60s!

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