Rarest and Coolest Beatles Memorabilia Going Up For Auction


If you’re interested in purchasing rare Beatles memorabilia, check out the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction website. They recently put up tons of items that belonged to the four original Beatles members, and their spouses.

If you love collecting rare items, you can also bid on items from other famous celebrities like Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Dolly Parton, The Doors, and more. Here are some examples of Beatles memorabilia you could snag if you have the cash:


John Lennon’s “Sgt. Pepper’s” Personally Owned and Used Piano From His Kenwood Home

John Lennon’s piano / Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions

Let’s start with a big one. The minimum bid is $575,000! However, this is a pretty special piece. John Lennon wrote “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds”, “A Day In The Life”, and other songs on this piano. The piano comes with a plaque that says this, too.

Paul McCartney Signed And Played On Ed Sullivan Show Epiphone 1964 Texan Limited Edition Guitar

Paul McCartney’s guitar / Gotta Have Rock and Roll auctions

If you’re more of a Paul McCartney fan, you can pick up his guitar! It was played by Paul and he even signed it. The starting bid for this one is $25,000.


Paul & Linda McCartney Worn Custom Pink Tuxedos

pink tuxedos
Pink Tuxedos / Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction

Do you remember Paul and Linda McCartney wearing these amazing custom pink tuxedos? They wore them around 1985-1986. The minimum bid for these is $10,000.

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