Rarest and Coolest Beatles Memorabilia Going Up For Auction


The Beatles Signed “Help!” 1964 Bahamas Original Photograph Authenticated by Frank Caiazzo

signed photo
Signed photo / Gotta Have Rock and Roll auctions

This beautiful black and white photograph of the original band is signed and authenticated. If you’re interested in this one, bidding starts at $15,000.

Ringo Starr Original 1978 First TV Special Show Promotional Standee

ringo starr
Ringo Starr / Gotta Have Rock and Roll auctions

If you’re looking for a more affordable starting bid and you love Ringo Starr, check out this promotion standee from 1978. It would look amazing framed! The starting bid is $100.


The Beatles “Abbey Road” Album Cover Canvas Picture

abbey road
Abbey Road photo / Gotta Have Rock and Roll auctions

You can place a bid starting at $100 for this iconic photo of The Beatles. Isn’t this one of the best album covers of all time?

Paul McCartney’s Beatles Leather Train (Travel) Case from Brian Epstein Used Extensively on Tour with Paul’s Initials

Paul’s case / Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction

This was a travel case that Paul actually used. It still contains some of his belongings including salt and pepper shakers, jars, drinking flasks, and more. The starting bid is $5,000.


You can check out all of these auction items and more on Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction website here. Which of these items do you most covet?

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In the meantime, listen to some of The Beatles most iconic tunes:

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