8 Sounds From The Past You Will Likely Never Hear Again


Your senses can transport you back to another time and place easily. You might smell a perfume that reminds you of your grandmother. You may see a photo of a vintage car you used to own. Or you might hear a sound that you haven’t heard in a very long time.

Just like there are certain items from the past that you may never see again, there are some sounds you likely won’t hear again. You probably forgot all about certain sounds, but this list will bring you back. Here is a list of certain sounds you may have forgotten.


1. TV Dial


These days, you can even speak into your remote to find the show or channel you want! Back in the day, you had to turn the television dial to change the channel. There was a distinctive clicking noise that you may be able to conjure up in your memory.

2. Cash register

cash register

Do you remember the cha-ching of an old school cash register at the store? They are so quiet these days! The scanners even make a different noise.


3. Typewriter

Public Domain Pictures

Before the days of computers, there were typewriters. Boy, were they loud! There was the clicking of the keys, the sound it made when you moved to a new line, and the noise that happened when you ripped out the paper. You definitely knew when someone was using one.

Will you ever forget the sound of a typewriter? See how well you remember that sound by listening to it in the video below:

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