12 Stores Everyone Shopped At We Wish Would Reopen


10. B. Dalton

b dalton
Wikimedia Commons

B. Dalton Bookseller was another popular book retailer, mainly housed in malls. It was started in 1966, but eventually got bought out by Barnes & Noble. The last stores were gone around 2013.

11. FAO Schwarz

fao schwarz

FAO Schwarz is a well-known toy store. It was founded in 1862. The New York City location was the most popular. It briefly closed, but then came back a few years later so you can still visit just one location. There were FAO Schwarz boutiques inside Toys “R” Us, but we now know those are gone. You may remember seeing FAO Schwarz stores in movies like Big, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and The Smurfs.


12. A&P


A&P was a popular grocery store chain. It was founded in 1859 and eventually became the largest grocery store chain in the United States. After some competition, it ultimately failed. It filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and five years later closed all remaining stores.

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Watch this video of people playing the big piano from FAO Schwarz. They are amazing!:

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