7 Award-Winning Musicians Who Surprisingly Aren’t In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been honoring musician after musician since 1983 for making some of the most memorable contributions to the genre. According to sources, in order to be eligible to get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the musician must be at least 25 years apart from their debut album.

With this being said, there are tons of artists out there who have yet to be included in the collection of Hall of Famers. You’ll definitely recognize these artists and might even ask yourself why they’re not in the hall of fame quite yet. Here are 10 award-winning musicians who aren’t in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


1. Pat Benatar


Pat Benatar is a four-time Grammy-Award winning artist with 10 platinum albums but still somehow doesn’t have a spot in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

2. The B-52s


Best-known for their hit song “Love Shack”, it earned two awards in the year 1990, but the group still has yet to be in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. You can’t not love that song!


3. Iron Maiden

Spirit of Metal

Iron Maiden has earned a number of awards, including a Grammy, several Kerrang! awards, and more, but still don’t have a spot in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. All we want to know is how and why?

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