7 Fascinating Things You Probably Never Knew About ’80s Pop Star Pat Benatar


Pat Benatar is everyone’s favorite female pop rock icon of the 1980s. Most known for her hit single “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” she has two multi-platinum albums, five platinum albums, three gold albums, and 15 Billboard Top 40 singles.

Many fans have followed her journey and career path, but aren’t aware of some lesser known facts that make the singer that much cooler. Here are some interesting tidbits you probably never know about Pat Benatar!


1. She was discovered at an amateur night

While performing at a comedy club in New York City, she was discovered by Terry Ellis with Chrysalis Records in 1977. This was pretty much her big break to any kind of stardom.

2. Her mother was an opera singer

Her mother, Millie, was a trained opera vocalist just like Pat Benatar. Millie instilled her talent into Pat, who then went onto Julliard in NYC to study music.

3. She worked as a bank teller

Pat married high school boyfriend Dennis Benatar in 1972. The couple moved to Virginia where Dennis was stationed in the army, and Pat worked as a bank teller for some time.

4. She won Best Female Rock Vocals three years in a row

This was one of the Grammy awards presented to several different nominees over the years. Benatar, however, won this award three years in a row, from 1980 to 1983. Well deserved!

5. She was born “Patricia Andrzejewski”

She took on the last name “Benatar” after her first marriage, and it really just stuck with her. However, she was originally born with the name Patricia Andrzejewski. I think we can all agree Pat Benatar suits her the best!

6. She loved boats and being on the ocean

Benatar grew up near Long Island and would go for outings on her friends’ clam boats. She was an accessory to a crash in one of these boats and it had to be towed back to shore. Oops!


7. She created the first music video ever with dialogue

One of her most popular singles, “Love is a Battlefield,” had the first music video ever to feature dialogue. It was the first-ever music video integrated with actual spoken words.

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“Love Is A Battlefield”

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – LIVE PERFORMANCE

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