What Really Happened to Julie Andrews’ Voice And How She’s Coping With It Now

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Everyone knows Julie Andrews from the musical films The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. They’re classic household films that fill the ears of everyone who listens and sings along. Everyone remembers Julie Andrews’ iconic four-octave voice.

However, in 1997 Andrews endured some throat damage that cost her the singing voice we all know and love. Many have questioned what actually happened over the years. Andrews has addressed what happened to her voice and how she’s coping with it now.

Julie Andrews was just over 60 years old when the incident happened. She was still as active as ever in her singing career at the time. After a trip to the doctor, she learned that she had non-cancerous vocal nodules in her throat. The removal of nodes is a standard procedure that many singers go through to be able to sing safely again; unfortunately, Julie’s surgery went awry.

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In 1999, she filed a lawsuit against the man who performed the surgery on her throat. She alleged medical malpractice. Andrews commented on her loss of vocal strength as a ‘devastating blow,’ according to The Washington Post.


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Andrews finds a new way of using her voice…

The lawsuit was settled in 2000, but the details were not disclosed. The only thing released to the public was a statement by Andrews herself regarding the situation. From there the only thing she could do was try to sing as best she could and try to live a normal lifestyle.

In a 2013 interview, the singer talked about losing her voice and how she dealt with the loss of her memorable vocals. “God, I miss it,” she said in regards to her singing abilities. “There’s nothing more beautiful than singing with a big, big orchestra… and I had music my whole life. And she [her daughter] said, ‘Mum, you’ve just found a new way of using your voice.'”

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Andrews has gone on to continue performing nearly sold-out shows. While her voice isn’t quite what it once was, she is surely using her voice in a different way now.

Singing continues to make her happy and help her live a fulfilled life.

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