10 Classic Movies That Should Never Get A Remake


It seems that every year there are so many different remakes or sequels to movies. While it is exciting to see some movies get a reboot after so many decades, some of them feel like they ruin the integrity of the original film. It may make you nervous that your favorite movie will get remade and ruined.

However, there are certain films that will never, ever get remade. The creators of these films promise that they will never let a remake happen. There are others we hope never get a remake. See which films are safe (or hopefully safe):


1. Back To The Future

back to the future
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The director Robert Zemeckis and co-writer Bob Gale own the rights to the movie and said that it will never get a remake in their lifetime. Both said it is such a good movie they don’t want anyone else to ruin it. They admit that people may try to remake it when they are dead, but hopefully, they can stop it somehow in their wills.

2. Gremlins

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The stars of the film admit that a sequel could be in the works, but a remake will never happen. Director Chris Columbus said that there will never be a remake or a reboot, only a sequel. We wonder what a sequel of this film would be like.


3. Jaws

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Steven Spielberg has said on several occasions that he will never remake Jaws. How could you even remake this classic? It would certainly look scarier, but we will take the old school film any day. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other scary shark movies to choose from if you want a marathon.

4. E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial 

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Steven Spielberg has also said that E.T. will never be remade either. The creators have said that no movie exists like E.T. and it will never be touched. Whew!

5. Labyrinth


There have been rumors that Labyrinth will be remade, but one writer shared on social media that the rumors were false. However, a co-creator has said that someone should turn Labyrinth into a stage show. We might be interested!

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