Tom Cruise Shares First Promotional Photo From ‘Top Gun: Maverick’


Production for the new 2019 movie Top Gun: Maverick has begun. Starring actor, Tom Cruise, couldn’t wait to spill the beans on the first day via Instagram.

Tom Cruise shared a sneak preview photo of the film with the caption “#Day1,” symbolizing the first day of production.


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The promotional photo includes the star of the film (Tom Cruise) as his character, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. He is clad in his fighting gear, helmet in had, gazing out at his plane in the distance. If you couldn’t tell by the giant white font across the photo (Feel The Need), it certainly is a reference to ‘the need for speed.’


The original 1986 classic Top Gun also starred Tom Cruise, so it’s about time he got back to basics to finish up a fantastic sequel.

Tom Cruise

The original Top Gun was about students attending the United States Navy’s elite fighter weapons school, and Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is put in the hot seat from one of the instructors.


Since the movie is still in production, there’s no telling if the plot will be familiar to the original, or a completely creative twist. According to the Top Gun: Maverick IMDb, the complete synopsis is unknown as of this time.

However, CountryLiving alleges that the sequel will consist of Maverick, who is now a flight instructor, and his fellow pilots struggling with the technology that threatens their old style of flying. Only time will tell when the trailer is released.

Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise’s Instagram is mainly for film promotions. You can always count on him to give you the inside scoop on his movies. It’s definitely time for him to get the aviators back on and dive into another Top Gun film!

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