Danica Patrick Stuns In Bikini Photo After Breakup With Aaron Rodgers

Danica's new pictures have everyone awed
Danica's new pictures have everyone awed

Danica Patrick sports a career worth feeling very proud of. At 38, she’s already become one of the most legendary women in the world of U.S. open-wheel racing. She is also flourishing since a breakup with Aaron Rodgers.

The racer took to Instagram to share some updates on her life. The post featured pictures of her and others. One image includes a bikini picture. The shot left no doubt that Patrick is doing well for herself. Above all, she’s staying strong despite such a turbulent personal time.


Danica Patrick is proud of where she is

Last Wednesday, Danica Patrick shared a post on Instagram. The post contained multiple pictures, starting with one of her proudly standing on a boat with a shirt reading “Namaste Beaches.” She captioned the overall post, “The front of the boat was where you could find me today.” Patrick had more than an update to offer, though.


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Learned that from my mermaid bestie @stephalvorson! Since I love movie lines, of course when Greg hit the throttle I opened my arms wide and said, ‘I’m flying!'” The pictures and video that follow show off how toned Patrick has. She wears a leopard print bikini and, in one video, excitedly waves a flag around at the front of the boat.

Against the odds

Patrick needed to respond to hateful posts
Patrick needed to respond to hateful posts / Wikimedia Commons

Patrick had a rough time of it, recently. The NASCAR driver received a lot of hateful comments after breaking up with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers back in July. Since the breakup, her social media became a beacon for comments blaming her for a “failed” relationship.

One comment on her Instagram story got a very special, concise response from Patrick. The comment read, “At 38, it’s over for you in the relationship world with high-value men. From a failed marriage to failed dating clearly you have a problem dating.” Patrick replied, “If we let what one person thinks of us be our reality, we are doomed. Realize that what someone says to us has a lot more to do with their own wounds and reality than ours.” Sage advice!

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