Restaurant Parking Lots Are Transforming Into Drive-In Theaters Across The Country


Since the coronavirus has been ongoing, many restaurants are taking the opportunity to re-design their business for the time being. A lot of them are transforming into drive-in movie theaters as they’re making a comeback during the pandemic. They’re becoming the perfect way for people to get out of their house and do something fun while still maintaining social distance.

Dining destination Kowloon in MA is one of the many restaurants taking on this new form of business. Specifically, this restaurant, like many others, are utilizing their parking lots for drive-in theaters. Kowloon hopes to implement this new design by the summer.


Kowloon is one of the restaurants using their parking lots to make a custom drive-in theater

restaurants utilizing parking lots for drive-in movie theater
Drive-in movie theater / JOEY MCLEISTER/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Bob Wong, who owns the restaurant with his siblings, speaks about the new implementation of a drive-in theater. “Never in my wildest dreams did we ever think this would happen,” he says in a press release. “We are adapting and will keep going.”

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Wong shares that he will be adding a big-screen TV outside alongside delivering food and drinks to diners in their cars. Guests will also be able to bring their own lawn chairs and sit outside. If this new design gets approved by the Saugus Board of Selectmen, he plans to begin the services by the end of May. He plans to screen films such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Grease.

Other re-opening strategies across the country

restaurants turning parking lots into drive-in theaters
Vintage drive-in theater from the ’50s / Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images

Kowloon is just one of the many restaurants playing with different re-opening strategies. While some are turning their parking lots into drive-ins, some restaurants will be utilizing their outdoor patios. This practice is part of a four-phase plan enacted by many state governments and the federal government. It begins with opening outdoor seating and eventually transitioning to in-restaurant dining areas when safe to do so.

In the meantime, turning parking lots into drive-in theaters seems to be a great and innovative way to boost sales!

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